Traffic & Transport Studies

Bitzios Consulting has extensive experience in designing and delivering local traffic and transport studies for a variety of purposes. These include integrated transport strategies, corridor studies, precinct plans and local traffic management plans.

Drawing from our extensive experience in these types of studies, we customize each approach to suit the specific needs and constraints of each project. Our ability to consider the needs of all transport modes in an integrated way in assessing local networks or intersections is a key differentiator. For these types of projects, we take particular care in understanding, in detail, the local travel patterns and travel needs.

Selected projects include:

  • Muswellbrook Mine Affected Roads Network Plan
  • Brookvale Dee Why Transport Management and Accessibility Plan
  • Parramatta Road Corridor Traffic and Parking Study
  • Newcastle Airport Ground transport Master Plan
  • Fitzroy River Flood Operational Traffic Management Plan
  • Tweed Valley Hospital
  • Gold Coast Road Network Plan
  • Wagga Wagga Urban Highway Study
  • 2018 Commonwealth Games Local Traffic and Parking Plan
  • Western Corridor Traffic and Transport Study
  • Tweed Road Development Strategy
  • Norwest Boulevard Review of Environmental Factors
  • Gateway Motorway North Design Development
  • Bagots Road, Darwin
  • Chevron Island Planning Traffic Capacity Study
  • North Sydney Traffic and Parking Action Plans
  • Fitzroy River Flood Operations Plan (DTMR)
  • Port Macquarie Hasting Car Ferry Strategy
  • Gold Coast Traffic Signal Network Optimisation (DTMR)
  • GC2018 City Traffic and Transport Operational Plans
  • North Ryde Traffic and Parking Study
  • Victoria Road Pinch Points Study
  • Heathcote Road REF Traffic Study
  • Doha Expressway Traffic Improvement Strategies, Qatar
  • Kempsey Local Arterial Traffic Corridor Study
  • Warrawong Movement and Access Study
  • Cairns Northern Corridor Access Strategy
  • F6 Yallah to Oaks Flats Traffic Study
  • Robina Light Rail Scoping Study
  • Macquarie Park Traffic Study
  • Mossman Gorge Traffic and Parking Study
  • North Ryde Traffic and Parking Study
  • Gympie Arterial Road On-Ramp Design
  • Wentworth Falls Pedestrian Crossing Warrants
  • City of Ryde Traffic Impact Assessment Guidelines
  • Guide to Traffic Impact Assessment (DTMR)
  • Marrickville LGA Public Domain Study
  • Sunshine Coast Stadium Traffic Design
  • Smithfield Transport Corridor Business Case Review
  • M1 M2V Weave Assessment
  • Bondi Beach Traffic and Bus Studies
  • Lewisham West Concept Design Traffic Advice

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