Traffic & Transport Modelling

Bitzios Consulting specializes in traffic and transport strategic, mesoscopic and simulation modelling with over 30 staff experience in using packages such as AIMSUN, EMME, VISUM, SATURN, VISSIM, VisWalk, Paramics, LinSig, Transyt and SIDRA as well as building transport models from first principles using GIS and spreadsheets. We have multiple licences in many of these modelling packages and our people are continually using them and keeping up to date with the latest software advancements.

We are particularly skilled in designing transport modelling methodologies to suit input data and time and budget limitations and have developed a range of models for a range of purposes – from sketch planning to operational design. We are often called upon to review strategic models for major project Business Cases and EIS’s.

We have developed and used well over 500 simulation models to test the effects of pedestrian, public transport and traffic initiatives and have produced both numerical and visual outputs for a variety of evaluation and display purposes.

Importantly, our staff are trained in transport modelling theories and not just in the application of software. This means that we can quickly identify issues with modelling processes and outputs.

Selected projects include:

  • UNSW Light Rail Options Modelling in AIMSUN
  • Paramatta Light Rail – VISSIM
  • Ryde Civic Centre Traffic Model
  • Epping Road Land Cove Traffic Modelling
  • Cronulla Town Centre Model – VISSIM
  • Nowra Bridge Paramics Modelling
  • East Parramatta AIMSUN Model
  • Oxley Highway Port Macquarie AIMSUN Model
  • Woodville Road South Australia AIMSUN Model
  • Bagot Road Darwin VISSIM Model
  • Florida I-95 Paramics Model Development
  • Strathfield Town Centre VISSIM modelling, Sydney
  • Kuranda Range VISSIM Model and Cairns VISSIM Model
  • West Gosford Paramics Model, NSW
  • Pacific Motorway Paramics Model, (Nerang to Tugun) Gold Coast
  • Brisbane Domestic Terminal Paramics Model and VISSIM Model
  • Manly Master Plan Traffic Impacts Paramics Model
  • Batemans Bay CBD Paramics Model
  • Gold Coast Southern and Central Area AIMSUN Model
  • Newcastle CBD AIMSUN Model
  • Gold Coast Local Government Infrastructure Plan (EMME)
  • Sunshine Coast Local Government Infrastructure Plan (EMME)
  • Tweed Road Development Strategy (EMME and AIMSUN)
  • Cairns CBD 2014 VISUM Model update
  • Northern Sunshine Coast Area Transport Strategy
  • Modelling (EMME and VISSIM)
  • AIMSUN mesoscopic model for light rail options near the University of NSW
  • Building in “Consumer Surplus” economic evaluation procedures into Adelaide, Brisbane and Gold Coast strategic models
  • EMME modelling assistance for the Abu Dhabi master plan
  • Pacific Motorway EMME Model Development (Nerang to Tugun) Gold Coast
  • Gold Coast Strategic Transport Model – Multi Modal development
  • Review of mesoscopic modelling needs and packages for the NSW RTA
  • SATURN model development and scenario testing for Meadowbank NSW
  • VISUM mesoscopic model development for Cairns and Hornsby
  • VISUM model development and improvements for Sunshine Coast

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