Traffic & Transport Modelling

Services include:

  • Strategic modelling using Emme and VISUM
  • Mesoscopic modelling using VISUM, AImsun, SATURN
  • Simulation modelling using VISSIM, VisWalk, Paramics
  • Local network and intersection modelling using LinSig, Transyt, SIDRA
  • Bespoke transport models from first principles using GIS and spreadsheets.

Selected projects include:

  • Pine Valley Morayfield VISUM Modelling
  • Brisbane North Toll Road Pre-Feasibility
  • Tweed Coast Road Duplication
  • Fairfield City Development Capacity Modelling
  • Greenheart Gardens Strategic Modelling
  • Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 4 Strategic Modelling
  • Inner North Rail Interchange Strategic Modelling
  • Lismore Strategic Road Network Review
  • Picton Rod Upgrade Section 0-1 Traffic Modelling
  • Ipswich Council SIDRA Training 2024
  • Flagstone New Beith Traffic Modelling
  • Northern Beaches Traffic Model
  • Blacktown Health Precinct Traffic Modelling
  • Eastern Valley Way Traffic Modelling
  • Lismore City Town Area Model
  • Black Hill Industrial Estate Traffic Modelling
  • Hornsby Town Centre Model Review
  • Warrawong Town Centre Modelling
  • Parramatta Light Rail Stage
  • Sydney Airport VISUM-VISSIM models

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