Central Coast Parking Strategy

Central Coast Council (Council) commissioned Bitzios Consulting to prepare an integrated parking strategy for the Local Government Area (LGA).  Part 1 of the strategy document identified a suite of short-term parking strategies that could be implemented by Council to improve the existing all-day parking shortfall within the Gosford Central Business District (CBD) and surrounds. Part 2 of the strategy document identified broad Council-wide strategies to guide Council’s decision making, as well as focus area specific strategies at key commuter and employment hotspots to address existing and emerging parking challenges. Part 3 of the strategy document identified holiday period parking demands at popular tourist destinations along the coastline. Key tasks included collecting, reviewing, and mapping parking occupancy data, forecasting future parking demands, undertaking community consultation, facilitating workshops with Council’s project control group, identifying short, medium, and long term parking strategies, evaluating major car park proposals, and developing a 20-year priority action plan and associated cost estimates