Capability & Services



Traffic and Transportation Modeling

  • Simulation modeling using Aimsun, VISSIM, Paramics
  • Mesoscopic modelling using VISUM, SATURN, Aimsun
  • Strategic modeling using EMME, AIMSUN, VISUM
  • Intersection/corridor modelling using LinSig, SIDRA, Transyt
  • Toll road and public transport forecasting and due diligence
  • Purpose-built spreadsheet models for unique applications
  • Trip generation, distribution and mode choice models estimation
  • Model specification, peer review and project management
  • Managing traffic/transportation studies
  • Options analyses and business cases
  • Peer review

Public Transport Policy, Planning and Operations

  • Access and network policies
  • Network-wide and corridor studies
  • Park and ride strategies
  • Passenger forecasting and stop/station simulation
  • Route design
  • Bus stop DDA compliance audits and stop consolidation studies

Local Traffic and Transport Studies

  • Local traffic management schemes
  • Town centre studies
  • Corridor and intersection analysis
  • Road Network Strategies
  • Integrated transport strategies

Parking Studies

  • Demand/supply analyses and parking strategy
  • Layout design

Road Safety Assessments

  • Road safety audits and signage/line-marking reviews
  • Existing conditions, design and pre-opening audits
  • Cycleway audits
  • Speed limit reviews

Traffic and Transport Impact Assessments

  • Traffic and parking reports for development applications
  • Assisting local government and state agencies with development assessments
  • Access and car parking design and compliance
  • Expert witness

Active Transport Studies

  • PAMPS and pedestrian audits
  • Cycle strategies and bikeway design

Traffic and Transport Facility Design

  • Concept designs in CAD and 12D
  • TMPs and TCPs
  • Concept-level cost estimates















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