Adrian Bitzios

With over 20 years’ experience in transport planning and traffic engineering predominately in local and state governments, Adrian’s specialist skills include project management, traffic management, transport planning, intelligent transport systems planning and network performance evaluation. He is a highly experienced project manager of a number of traffic and transport projects ranging in size and complexity and has been technical leader and reviewer on projects throughout Australia. Adrian has published and presented a number of papers nationally on traffic network performance, intelligent transport systems, traffic signal operations and integrated planning topics.

Adrian’s skills include;

  • Light rail signalling
  • Traffic Management Centre operations
  • Project management for planning and infrastructure projects
  • Town Centre Master Planning
  • ITS planning, design and operations
  • Traffic signal design and coordination
  • Highway corridor planning
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Road safety audits
  • Network operations performance evaluation

Adrian leads many of our major projects.